Evanston Carpet Cleaners

Carpets, rugs and fancy upholstery bring a feeling of luxury to any space, be it your home or office, but unfortunately the nature of anything material with loose fibres is that dirt, grime and odors can very easily be trapped in them. It doesn’t take much for brand new carpet to start looking old and worn, especially with the occasional stain that finds its way into the fibres. Don’t suffer from those unsightly marks in your carpet or upholstery, have a professional team of cleaners come and take care of it for you, lifting even the toughest stains and restoring them to their original, pristine condition.
About Us
Evanston Carpet Cleaners have become the name of carpet cleaning over recent years, with our dedication to providing a cost-effective and reliable service to our customers being the word on the street. This reputation we’ve built is the product of our hard work, focusing on our customers and finding the best and most direct way to meet their needs. Our company is also known to be in partnership with Allfloorsinterior in all their carpets and floorings.